Membership into Soul Tribe is a special thing. At Soul Tribe our motto has been, you've always been in the Soul Tribe, you just didn't know you were in the Soul Tribe. Which explains the essence of the term Soul Tribe itself. A tribe of all people connected by the one soul. Our connection is certain, we are many manifestations of one energy. If the world remembered this there would be peace and prosperity on earth tomorrow, that is what we strive for. By bringing together people of all walks of life into a welcoming and accepting setting where all are free to express themselves, we foster a sense of community love through artistic creation. 

A Soul Tribe membership card give you access to an ever increasing list of discounts, both local and online. Not only will you be joining a loving, caring community of soul centred individuals you will be helping give back to those in more difficult situations through our outreach programs. 

Did we mention Soul Tribe also throws amazing parties? Come dressed in your most colourful attire and you will be revered as a true party ambassador. We love people going all out to shake the boundaries of the norm in a safe, consensual way. Show your membership card and get discount entry. 

Our artists include some of the biggest headliners in western Canada to underground bedroom DJs. We give everyone working hard a shot and always compensate our performers.

To join the Soul Tribe please fill out the form below and a mailing card will mailed to you. The cost of the cards is $10.

Can't wait to get to know you!